Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions page was created to reduce emails, increase work-flow and improve customer service.
Alternatively, if your question is not listed or answered, we welcome you to contact us by the contact form or direct email.

Questions & Answers

My business produces large amounts of waste cardboard, I currently pay a waste company to collect?

Please contact us with an approximate amount and we will give you a quote of how much we will pay YOU.

Do you collect waste cardboard from anywhere within the UK?

Yes, we can collect or arrange for the collection of your waste cardboard.

Do you offer the best prices paid within the UK?

Yes, we have a team which monitor the pricing to suit our price bands.

What calculations go in to my waste cardboard quote price?

We work on the amount of waste cardboard, how frequent and collection/transportation costs.

I would like to bring my waste cardboard to you directly to improve my quote?

Great news, no problem at all, we welcome you to bring waste cardboard to us directly for a better price.

I think I need a waste cardboard compactor/baler, can you recommend one?

Yes, feel free to contact us about compactor/balers.

I have a question which isn't listed?

Please contact us via our contact page.


What our clients say...

I contacted to sell my cardboard, it was quick and easy.

Sam, UK Retail company Testimonial Image1

I use to collect and recycle my waste paper and cardboard.

Jason, UK Manufacturering company Testimonial Image2